Private flats


According to personal preferences Erasmus Students can choose among “single bedrooms in shared apartments” or if they prefer to live independently, they can select “monololcale flat”.

The owners rent their apartments for one full year, in fact most of the flats are not available for students coming for a short period of stay.

The private flats advertised on our official web page are not suitable for Erasmus students; if they are interested in renting a private apartment, they will get a specific direct proposal with details and pictures.

Costs for accommodation in private flats may change according to different factors:

  1. Location of the flat
  2. Quality of the flat
  3. Number of people sharing the flat

Location of the flat
Pavia is a small town and the accommodation market is very competitive. Most of the students look for accommodation either in the city center or in the west area of Pavia (near the railway station and the scientific faculties of the University). These are the most expensive areas. Prices decrease moving eastwards and north of Pavia

Quality of the flat
Centro Assistenza Studenti works hard in order to check all the apartments personally. All the flats are fully furnished, with a washing machine; some of them have air conditioning. Bed sheets, blankets, pillows are not provided.

Estimated rents for accommodation

  • Single room in shared apartments  € 300/350 per month (expenses excluded)
  • Monolocale flat: € 450/500/550 per month (expenses excluded)

Students will also be charged for:

  1. Extra bills: These bills include costs for gas, water, heating, electricity, and the domestic waste tax. Students will be charged directly by the companies that provide the services and the bills (such as electricity and gas) are issued every two months. When utilities contracts are not connected, students will be asked to pay extra money to start the services.
  2. Contract Registration Fee: a regular contract will be made and registered to the tax office and students will be asked to pay for the contract registration fee; this tax will be shared half by all the students sharing the same flat and half by the landlord.

The rental  contract is a standard agreement for all the students enrolled at the university of Pavia and it will show all the rules that the tenants must respect (by signing it) in order to get the refund (at the end of the contract validity).
The payments of the rent must be made till the end of the rental contract.

  1. Deposit: On arrival students will be asked to pay for 3 month’s rent as a deposit that will be returned at the end of the stay (within 60 days from departure) if no damage has been caused to the flat, if all the rents have been paid and minus the amount of the last bills and the balance of the expenses.

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