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The landlord who uses our service to put his or her property up for rent must notify C.A.S. of the costs, conditions and pictures related to the tenancy in order for C.A.S. to propose such housing units to students who by viewing them on the dedicated web page would be interested in visiting.

C.A.S also assists the landlord at every stage of the negotiation, handles the drafting and registration of the lease, any renewals, takeovers, terminations and renegotiations rent.

In the case of foreign students, C.A.S. staff offer interpretation services.

Lease Agreements

Following the current Territorial Agreement signed on 24/01/2019 between Pavia Municipality, Property Associations and Territorial Tenants' Trade Union Associations, we list the most important points concerning the drafting of subsidized housing leases (art.2 paragraph3, L.431/1998 and art. 1 Ministerial Decree 16/01/2017).

One of the most important aspects is how to determine the rent, which, in order to calculate it, requires knowledge of a number of technical/objective data and qualitative elements concerning individual housing units.

Therefore, in case an owner is interested in entering into a subsidized type of contract (transitional for students, transient, 3+2), he/she can hand over to our office the necessary documentation for the formulation of the new fee:

  • ID and social security number, updated cadastral survey, floor plan in the acquisition format filed with the land registry
  • some completed and signed attachments downloadable from the City of Pavia website, namely:
    • All.2 Table of furniture elements
    • All.3 Indication of the square meters of the surfaces concerning the lease
    • All.4 Illustrative statement of quality elements, copy of energy certification
    • Copy of the final/predictive budget of condominium expenses.

After calculating the rent, you will have to proceed with the attestation, which must be mandatorily endorsed by a landlords' association and willingly (it is not mandatory) also by a tenants' association. Said attestation will be an integral part of the lease agreement as required by the regulations, without which tax benefits cannot be obtained.

The SAC is able not only to proceed with the drawing up of the contract with its attestation, but also to provide the union endorsement from the Building Property for which an agreement has been signed. Once this document is obtained, it is possible to proceed with the drafting and registration of the lease.

The advantages for landlords who choose this type of contract are:

For the dry coupon regime, the rate calculated on the rent agreed upon by the parties is reduced to 10 percent

For those who do not opt for this regime, there is a 30% IRPEF reduction

Regarding the IMU tax, the rate drops to 9.6 percent (from the previous 6 percent) + an additional ministerial reduction of 25 percent

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