FIRST SESSION (1° semester & Full accademic year)

In order to apply for an accommodation offered by Centro Assistenza Studenti, please read the following information and complete the accommodation form at the bottom of this page.

For any detailed information concerning the accommodation procedures and availabilites, please visit


The accommodation form for the 1° semester or full accademic year has to be filled in, printed, signed and emailed back to within 30/06/2023 together with the accommodation rules paper duly signed (see Accommodation Rules) and a pocket picture of you.

  • Students will get an accommodation proposal according to availabilities and to the following deadline: from 03/07/2023 to 31/07/2023 
  • If we do not receive a written confirmation within the given date (usually a couple of days from the date of our proposal) the reservation will be cancelled

Since the places are limited, please consider since now that,:

  • We will do our best to send an accommodation proposal to any student  but it only depends on the availlabilities
  • You don’t have the opportunity to choose the kind of accommodation as it used to be, even if you can express your preference – just consider that,  the only places available for the first semester are in  public colleges and Campus Residence and that if you  reserve a room in a private flat it must be for 11 full months


For any information concerning the “Italian Language Courses” please visit under the section “Learn Italian at the Language Centre”.

Erasmus Students

Programme enables students from one of the European Community Countries to spend a period of study in one of the countries joining the programme.

Overseas Students

Erasmus ICM  Students

Double Degree & Erasmus Students

Erasmus+ Traineeships

Student who has been awarded an Erasmus + traineeship grant.

International students

Student coming from one of the UNIPV partner universities who want to spend a study period at UNIPV.

Bilateral Exchange

Reserved for students coming from one of the UNIPV partner universitieslisted below who want to spend a study period at UNIPV
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