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Erasmus and
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According to personal preferences Erasmus Students may apply for accommodation in private flats. They can choose among single bedrooms or twin bedrooms in a shared apartment or if they prefer to live independently, they can select monololcale flat.

Costs for accommodation in private flats may change according to different factors:

  1. • location of the flat
  2. • quality of the flat
  3. • number of people sharing the flat

Location of the flat: Pavia is a small town and the accommodation market is very competitive. Most of the students look for accommodation either in the city center or in the west area of Pavia (near the railway station and the scientific faculties of the University). These are the most expensive areas. Prices decrease moving eastwards and north of Pavia

Quality of the flat: Centro Assistenza Studenti works hard in order to provide the best conditions for all the students accommodated in private flats. All the flats are fully furnished and most of them have a washing machine. Bed sheets, blankets, pillows are not provided.

Number of people sharing the flat: monolocale flats (flats for one person) are the most expensive accommodation option. If you share the apartment with other students, prices are lower. Usually flats will be shared among 2 or 3 students and twin rooms are cheaper than single bedrooms.

Estimated costs for accommodation

Single room in city center or railway station area: € 300 per month
Twin room in city center or in railway station area: € 250 per person per month
Single room in other areas: € 250 per month
Twin room in other areas: € 200 per person per month
Monolocale flat  in city center or railway station area: € 450/500 per month
Studios in other areas: € 380/400 per month

Other Costs

Students will also be charged for:

  1. EXTRA BILLS: These include costs for gas, water, heating, electricity, and the domestic waste tax. Students will be charged directly by the companies that provide these services and the bills (such as electricity and gas) are issued every two months. When utilities contracts are not connected, students will be asked to pay extra money to start the services.

  2. CONTRACT REGISTRATION FEE: a regular contract will be made and registered and students will be asked to pay for the contract registration fee; this tax will be shared half by the students sharing the same flat and half by the landlord.

  3. DEPOSIT: On arrival you will be asked to pay a deposit for your accommodation. Usually the deposit is equal to 3 monthly rent - It will be returned at the end of your stay if no damage has been caused to the flat.

Rent Contract

Please notice that if you are accommodated in a private flat you will be asked to sign a rental contract. This contract is a standard agreement for all the students enrolled at the university of Pavia and it will show the duration of the stay, the monthly rent to be paid, the bills that will have to be paid and all the rules you will have to follow as a tenant. Once the contract has been signed , you will have to accept all the rules (i.e.: you cannot leave the room before the agreed period otherwise you will not be returned the deposit ).

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