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Campus Residence is situated in the heart of Pavia’s scientific center – Strada Cascinazza 15 - Pavia.
Students may choose among 2 different kind of accommodation :  

    Studio flat for one student - open space with kitchen corner and bedroom corner – separate bathroom with shower
    TOTAL MONTH'S RENT is € 560,00 (month’s rent € 415 + expenses € 145) + deposit € 830

  • ONE SPACE - FLAT FOR 2 STUDENTS arriving together
    Apartment with kitchen corner and bedroom corner with 2 beds – air conditioning and wireless connection – bathroom with shower
    TOTAL MONTH'S RENT is  € 330/per person  (month’s rent € 210 + expenses € 120 – deposit € 420).


Campus Residence Facilities include: common study room, outside common green area, porter service (during the day-time), laundrette, inside bicycles parking area and outside parking car.
The bus stop is close to the Residence (bus connection with the city centre) and a very big university canteen  is located just in front of the bus stop.

Accommodation Rules

Prior to Arrival

In order to reserve a place at Campus Residence, Erasmus students will have to pay a deposit equal to two months’ rent by bank transfer. The deposit will be  returned  at the end of the stay (details concerning the refund of the deposit are written on the rental contract) -
Erasmus students, according to personal preferences, may choose among  two different accommodation options:

MONOLOCALE FLAT (studio flat for one student) -
OPEN SPACE FLAT (apartment  with kitchen corner and bedroom corner with 2 beds for 2 students coming together)  

If a student arrives any day within the first half of the month, he/she will have to pay the rent for the whole month. If a student arrives any day within the second half of the month, he/she will have to pay the rent for half the month.

Cancellation before arrival

If a student for a serious reason (to be proved) cancels his/her reservation after the payment of the deposit by bank transfer prior to arrival but before coming to Pavia, the deposit will be returned if the cancellation arrives in a written letter by email to Centro Assistenza Studenti within the 1st  of September  2021 (1° semester and full year) and within the 15th  of January 2022 (second semester) together with the bank details of the student so that Campus Residence Accounting Department will be able tor refund the deposit.

Refusal of accommodation after arrival

If Students refuse their accommodation within 24 hours of their arrival at Campus Residence, they will have to inform in a written letter both Campus Residence Accounting Department and Centro Assistenza Studenti.

In this case, students must leave the accommodation within the first 24 hours, and they will have to pay Euro 50 for the first day and the cleaning of the flat. They will be refund .

If students refuse the accommodation anytime after the first 24 hours of their allocation in the campus, they will not be returned the whole deposit.

Check-in times:
The arrival times in order to make the check-in are MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS 8.30- 17:30 – SATURDAY & SUNDAY :  closed - Outside these hours, they will be asked to book a room in a hotel.

Important reminder:
Please notice that you will need your own bed sheets and towels – Campus Residence provides : pillow – mattress – blankets.
Guests are not allowed to stay for the night for security reasons unless previously agreed with Campus Residence Administrative Office.

In addition, close to Campus Residence there is a very big sportive centre Campus Aquae, with fitness area, inside and outside swimming-pools, beauty wellness area, bar, restaurant and pizzeria.
Students accommodated at Campus Residence will get free entrance at the gym and pool (hours limitations) - as regards details and times you will get information by Campus Acquae upon arrival.

For any additional details, please visit www.campuspavia.it

Prices 2021-2022
One single room with kitchen corner, bathroom with shower
Monthly Rent Deposit Expenses Total rent
€ 415 € 830 € 145 € 560
OPEN SPACE FOR 2 STUDENTS (price per student)
Double room, kitchen corner and living room, bathroom with shower
Monthly Rent Deposit Expenses Total rent
€ 210 € 420 € 120 € 330
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